Cringe the Cat

Rhythm game about a cat named Cringe trying not to get the Mouse angry!

Go through numerous music tracks and get that cat jumping by the beat! Just make sure not to make the Mouse angry, he's very sensitive to the rhythm. The gameplay is very similar to OSU or GuitarHero-like rhythm games, but there is also this funny Cringe cat who jumps from platform to platform while looking completely miserable.

Very simple controls and straightforward tutorial. Just 2 buttons, tap it or hold it, follow the rhythm. But don't be tricked: each song comes with few difficulty levels, and the Hard is going to take a couple of tries! Don't forget to get along with the beat.

For those who loves EDM and electronic music, there is Vanilla world full of beats. Some of them are unknown to you, and some of them you will probably find very familiar just when the beat starts to kick in. If you are more of a rock or metal person, the Metal Hell is all yours (and we even got a Paranoid cover, too!).

Different difficulties ensure that even people completely new to the rhythm genre will be able to pick it up, and at the same time hard levels will get pro players busy for sure! Note speed can be changed in the Settings if you find them too slow or too fast.